Verdicts & Settlements

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The cases listed below are only a small percentage of the claims the firm handles.  They are listed to illustrate the wide variety of cases we handle as well as the results we achieve for our clients.


Assault / Premature Birth

A McDonald’s manager assaulted a pregnant co-employee which resulted in a premature birth of the child.

$7,500,000.00 Judgment


Medical Malpractice / Prescription Error

Client was a seventy-six year old man that suffered from an overdose of medication as a result of the hospital pharmacy’s errors in prescribing a seizure medication, Dilantin. The medication errors caused the client to suffer a loss of balance and increased dementia that greatly affected his quality of life.

$1,000,000.00 Verdict first trial / $1,551,000.00 Verdict second trial



Tractor-trailer ran Plaintiff off Interstate 65 in foggy conditions where she became airborne and hit a tree off the side of the interstate.

Confidential Settlement


Automobile Accident

Defendant driver was operating his truck on Interstate 20 at too high a rate of speed for the rainy conditions which caused him to hydroplane across the interstate and hit client’s vehicle. Client suffered from fibromyalgia as a result of the accident.

$150,000.00 Verdict


Slip and Fall

Slip and fall in Wal-Mart caused the Plaintiff to suffer back strain.

$75,000.00 Verdict


Medical Malpractice / Wrongful Death

Emergency Room physician failed to diagnose ectopic pregnancy resulting in death of the mother.

Confidential settlement after three days of trial


Medical Malpractice / Wrongful Death of Infant

Death of a child due to his being released too quickly by hospital following hernia surgery

Confidential Settlement


Product Liability – Child Injured 

Child’s lung was punctured as result of Wal-Mart failing to properly assemble handle bars on bicycle.

Case Settled


Failure to Maintain Safe Workplace/Environment

Client fell three stories from ladder resulting in amputation of leg.

Confidential Settlement


Personal Injury / Safety Equipment 

Action against rental center for failing to include safety rails with scaffolding, resulting in fall and loss of leg

Confidential Settlement


Negligent Maintenance of Sidewalk

Negligent maintenance of sidewalk caused fall and broken ankle

$75,000.00 Settlement


Tractor-Trailer Accident

Tractor-Trailer backing onto road caused head-on collision between our client and a delivery truck.

Confidential Settlement


Birth Injury / Fetal Distress / Vacuum Extraction

Hospital nurses failed to recognize fetal distress and hyperstimulation. An emergency C-Section should have been ordered hours prior to time actually performed. The delay caused depletion of infant’s oxygen reserves resulting in permanent, severe, brain injury and cerebral palsy of infant.

COMMENT: We have found that all too often nurses and doctors are not properly trained to interpret fetal heart monitor strips. The tragic result is death or severe brain injury to the infant.

Confidential Settlement


Tractor Trailer

Seven-year-old client was run over by a tractor-trailer at a university’s homecoming parade. The parade route was not barricaded. The child ran onto the street in an effort to grab an item being handed out from a parade float and she fell under the wheels of the trailer.

COMMENT: We relate this case to the “Pied Piper” theory. Vendors or entities who assign and/or operate tractor-trailers in parades or any event where children are present should not lure or entice children to the moving vehicle without taking measures to ensure the children’s safety. When children are injured as a result of vendor or entity’s failure to make safe the vehicle which enticed children into the street, the vendor/entity should be held liable for resulting injuries.

Confidential Settlement


Gentamicin Toxicity/Medical Malpractice

Retired Army Master Sergeant was prescribed Gentamicin by orthopedic surgeon for six weeks to treat a working diagnosis of osteomyelitis. After receiving Gentamicin for approximately twenty-five days, client developed serious balance problems and was diagnosed with bilateral vestibular failure due to Gentamicin toxicity.

COMMENT: Gentamicin should never be prescribed for more than fourteen days.  Additionally, there are newer, less toxic drugs that should have been used.  This is a case of gross incompetence by the physician.

Confidential Settlement


Environmental / Nuisance / Trespass

Defendant Company’s slag screening process was being conducted at night without proper dust suppression procedures which generated air and noise pollution. Residents of neighborhood were forced to deal with tremendous amounts of dust covering their property, scratching their car finishes, and ruining carpet and furniture. They suffered respiratory problems that forced them indoors and kept them from enjoying their property and neighborhood.

Confidential Settlement


Motorcycle Accident

A valet parking attendant turned in front of Plaintiff as he was riding his motorcycle. The Plaintiff struck the car being parked, thereby suffering foot and leg injuries.

Confidential Settlement


Defective Roadway

Plaintiff ran into a hole on the interstate caused by a steel coil falling off of a tractor-trailer.

Confidential Settlement


Premises Liability / Trip and Fall

Plaintiff’s fall in store caused her to suffer Post Concussion Syndrome, chronic headaches, and shoulder injury.

Confidential Settlement



Medical Malpractice / Wrongful Death

Fifty-nine year old client was admitted to hospital with chief complaint of generalized weakness. The blood work revealed that the patient was suffering from a high potassium level. It is well recognized that a high potassium level must be treated appropriately or it may result in serious injury or death. Nevertheless, the hospital failed to follow the applicable standard of care by not placing the patient on a continuous cardiac monitor. Defendant doctor and hospital failed to recognize and treat high potassium level resulting in death.


Medical Malpractice / Mesh Sling

Doctor improperly inserted a mesh sling resulting in severe internal bleeding, puncture of numerous organs, and loss of the majority of client’s large intestines.


Nursing Home Wrongful Death

Client’s Father was a resident at Defendant nursing care facility. The nurses failed to follow precautions necessary for the resident in that he had swallowing problems and was supposed to be fed only pureed food. Instead, he was given collard greens which lead him to choke and die. Not only did the nurses fail to follow the proper feeding precautions, they failed to suction and care for the resident even after he began choking.