Parental Rights in Divorce

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The divorce process can be especially stressful and charged with emotion when the interests of children are at stake.

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Child-Related Matters in Divorce

When minor children are present in a divorce, there are a number of issues that must be determined including:

While some divorcing spouses are able to reach agreements on these matters, aspects of divorce involving children are often contested and ultimately determined by the court.

Protecting Parental and Children’s Rights in Divorce

Alabama courts are charged with acting in the best interests of the children when assessing custody, visitation schedules and child support. Because there is much room for interpretation in the phrase “best interests,” and because matters involving children can become highly personal amid the divorce process, it’s important to work with a dedicated divorce lawyer who will fight for the you and your children.

If you’re a parent who is facing divorce, we can help you understand:

Even if your case doesn’t involve the end of a marriage but could affect your children, our qualified attorneys can help. We have experience pursuing paternity and adoption claims for parents throughout Alabama.

Our lawyers take a personal approach to each case, and we have a special passion for divorce cases that involve children. We treat our clients like our own family members, and our compassionate attorneys are committed to protecting the well-being of children in divorce.

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