Children and Divorce in Birmingham

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Think of the children during your Birmingham DivorceIn court, divorce proceedings are a civil matter between two adults. In reality, though, divorcing couples must also think of the impact this change will have on their children. Our dedicated Birmingham divorce lawyers can support you through difficult conversations with your spouse and kids while protecting your rights at every step.

Jonathan Gathings has a passion for protecting children whose parents are getting divorced. To discuss the details of your case in a free consultation, please call Jonathan W. Gathings & Associates today at (205) 545-7475 . Our divorce lawyers serve clients throughout the Birmingham area, including Jefferson County and Shelby County.

Making Decisions During Divorce

Spouses with children under the age of 18 have to consider issues beyond who gets the house, car, and other valuable possessions. Parental rights and responsibilities are a key part of any divorce involving children, including matters such as:

If you’re able to communicate with your spouse in an open, honest manner, it’s possible to resolve these issues in a way that is beneficial for your whole family. Children who see their parents getting along might also adjust more healthily to new living arrangements and other changes.

Coming to mutual agreement on issues including child care is a key benefit of an uncontested divorce. However, if you and your spouse can’t agree on these important matters so diplomatically, our Birmingham divorce lawyers can provide you with additional support.

Talking to Kids About Divorce

Children benefit from having both parents actively involved in their lives. Though this can be difficult amid the emotional and financial stress of a contested divorce, even couples in bitter legal battles can often find common ground in their kids.

Remember these key steps to help your children cope when discussing the divorce:

  • Tell your children you love them, and frequently remind them of that fact
  • Don’t blame the other parent, or talk badly or “vent” about them to the children
  • Discuss their feelings, including how the divorce is affecting them at school, in social situations, etc.
  • Talk about changes that might affect them, such as visitation schedules, but don’t feel like you have to have all the answers when you aren’t sure
  • Be honest about the circumstances of the divorce, without going into details they might not understand
  • Reassure them that everything will be alright –the reminder could benefit you, too

Parents who can set their arguments aside and put the children first during divorce can often make compassionate decisions that benefit the whole family. If spouses can’t agree, though, the court must allocate rights and responsibilities according to the best interests of the child. However, what a court defines as “best interests” might not be best for you or your family.

Our Birmingham divorce lawyers don’t just handle legal issues – we will also support you through each difficult conversation and decision during the process of ending your marriage. Please contact Jonathan W. Gathings & Associates or call (205) 545-7475 today to schedule a free consultation.