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When the terms of your divorce are finalized, they are based on the circumstances of that particular time. These circumstances, of course, are subject to change, and sometimes divorce modification becomes necessary.

If you live in the greater Birmingham, Alabama, area and have questions about preparing for divorce or divorce modification, please call the family law attorneys at Jonathan W. Gathings & Associates at 205-545-7475 to schedule your personal consultation. Following are areas of divorce agreements that are commonly the subject of modification.

Child Custody

Courts may agree to post-divorce modification of child custody based on a number of issues and in the best interests of children. A court, for example, may modify child custody if it finds repeated, intentional interference by one parent in regards to established custody responsibilities.

Divorced spouses and the court may also agree to modification if one parent has to move for a new job or military deployment, or if remarriage by one spouse impacts residency, custody or visitation issues. Modification may also be granted if the needs of the children change.

Child Support

Courts may also grant modification to child support orders on a number of grounds.

A court may consider changes in a spouse’s financial or employment situation, or changes in the costs associated with a child’s daycare or healthcare needs. Alterations to custody arrangements can also impact child support modification.

Child Visitation

As with custody issues, a court may modify child visitation terms in the best interests of the child or children.

Child visitation modification may be based on a spouse’s violation of established visitation terms, or due to factors such as relocation of a spouse, remarriage of a spouse, and changes in child custody.

Spousal Maintenance

Changes in financial circumstances and the marital status of divorced spouses can also provide the basis for modifications to spousal maintenance, which is often referred to as alimony or spousal support.

Like other areas of divorce modification, changes to spousal maintenance can be complex depending on the original terms of divorce. Some types of spousal maintenance have set termination dates; other types may be modified if a spouse remarries or experiences changes in financial status.

In any case, it’s a good idea to talk with an experienced divorce attorney if you’re considering divorce modification or if your former spouse is seeking divorce modification.

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