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slider2-300x152Child support in Alabama divorce proceedings is established primarily through a formula of financial calculations, although there are individual factors that may be considered when determining the amount to be paid to the spouse with primary child custody.

Due to the complexity of child support and other issues in divorce cases that involve children, it’s important to speak with a Birmingham child support lawyer as soon as possible if you’re considering divorce or are faced with divorce. The Birmingham lawyers at Jonathan W. Gathings & Associates have extensive experience in divorce cases in which the interests of children are at stake; please call us today at 205-545-7475 to speak with one of our compassionate attorneys.

Determining Child Support

Alabama employs a financial formula to calculate monthly child support payments, although there are additional circumstances that may be considered.

Factors that can impact child support include each spouse’s income and financial assets, discrepancies in parents’ incomes, child custody status, health care costs, and child care expenses. The court may also impute the income of a parent, which means that a judge can set a higher child support rate than the state’s calculations provide based on a parent’s capacity to earn more than he or she actually makes.

Protecting the Interests of Children in Divorce

Divorce proceedings that involve children can be especially emotional, and working with a knowledgeable Alabama family law attorney can help relieve some of the stress you feel and protect the best interests of your children.

The lawyers at Jonathan W. Gathings & Associates are committed to ensuring that children of divorcing parents receive the financial support they need. For additional information about divorce and children’s rights, please see our Child Custody page.

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