Alabama Motorcycle Laws

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If you’re a motorcyclist in Birmingham or anywhere in Alabama, it’s vital that you understand the state’s relevant motorcycle laws. Doing so will enable you to safely enjoy your motorcycle while helping you understand your rights in the event of a motorcycle accident in Alabama.

The Birmingham motorcycle accident attorneys at Jonathan W. Gathings & Associates understand that motorcycle accident injuries are often severe and accompanied by overwhelming medical expenses. Please call us at 205-545-7475 to speak with one of our lawyers if you were hurt or a loved one was killed in an Alabama motorcycle accident.

Laws regarding motorcycle operation vary from state to state, and our attorneys have thorough knowledge of Alabama motorcycle regulations and how they may affect your potential claim in the event of an accident. Some of the fundamental aspects of Alabama motorcycle law include:

  • Helmet use: Alabama has a universal motorcycle helmet law; anyone of any age who operates or rides on a motorcycle must wear a helmet with a secured chin strap and solid exterior shell.
  • Passengers: A passenger seat and footrests are required if you are carrying a passenger on your motorcycle.
  • Lane sharing and passing: Two motorcyclists may ride abreast in the same lane, but there can be no more than two motorcycles side-by-side in a single lane; lane splitting, in which a motorcyclist rides between two lanes to pass slow or stopped vehicles, is illegal in Alabama; motorcyclists may not pass in the same lane as the vehicle being overtaken.

Our Birmingham motorcycle accident lawyers can help you understand how Alabama motorcycle laws and the state’s no-fault insurance status may affect your claim in the event of a motorcycle accident.

If you were injured or a family member was killed in a motorcycle accident, or if you would like more information about Alabama motorcycle laws, please contact Jonathan W. Gathings & Associates for your free consultation with one of our Birmingham motorcycle accident attorneys. We are proud to represent clients from throughout the state of Alabama.